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  • Be Inspired by What Others are Saying about BUSES International.
  • Building Mobile Clinics & Service Units
  • Christmas Shoeboxes!
  • Graphic Printing - Banners and Vehicle Wraps
  • Rescuing & Repurposing - Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Projects that touch lives and inspire all ages.
  • Tom Szychowicz, Norm Beetler (BUSES's Founder) and Todd Rainey


Mobile Outreach Solutions


Click above to read the exciting announcement of
our new mobile clinic concept, "Portable Clinic in a Box."

New Clinic Concept - Progression 1 2 3


BUSES International is a 501c(3) nonprofit ministry that transforms large vehicles into mobile clinics and 
outreach service facilities. These specialized mobile units are deployed to churches, ministries and nonprofits across the United States and around the world to provide free healthcare and life services to the poor and disadvantaged. We endeavor to provide people with tools and resources that will empower and enable them to serve people in need and demonstrate the love of God. Learn more or Give today

Mobile Clinic & Service Units

Graphics Printing

Rescue & Repurpose

Christmas Project